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歐碧 Procomfort Normal Tampon

ob® ProComfort™ Normal is easy to insert and provides secure protection thanks to the smooth SilkTouch™ cover and the uniquely closed channels. This makes it comfortable and easy to use even on days when the period is light. Up to 100% protection from leakage and safe protection for 4-8 hours. ob® ProComfort™ our most comfortable tampon, in the ob® range, for reliable protection, so you can focus on doing what you want. Best suited for light to moderate bleeding.


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The absorbent fibers in ob® tampons are made of cellulose fibers (viscose), which meet the purity requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia. They also have an outer layer made of different polymers (polyethylene and/or polypropylene, and/or polyester) like the Silk Touch™ coating on ob® ProComfort™ tampons. The tampon cord is made of synthetic fibers.


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