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Billys Cheeseburger 170G


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The Original Snack No.1 from 1993! In the early 1990s, the Dafgård family travelled around the world to find new inspiration. By the Mediterranean, they found exactly what they were looking for. The pizza restaurants were selling pizza slices through a hole in the wall! Together with inspiration from US, with the exciting flavors of pan pizzas, the idea to the Billys Snack No.1 was born!

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, CHEESE, beef *, tomato puree, rapeseed oil, water, sandwich cucumber (cucumber, MUSTARD SEED, sugar, vinegar, salt, stabilizer E509, spice extract), onion, MUSTARD POWDER, brown sugar, vinegar, salt, DIRECTION mustard, ), spices (including peppers), sugar, starch, yeast, pea protein, white wine vinegar. Meat: 6%. * Origin: EU.

Nutritional value per 100g
Energy 1062kJ/254kcal
Protein 11g
Carbs 30g
Sugar 4g
Fat 10g
Saturated fat 3.6g
Fiber 1.7g
Sodium 560mg

This is frozen food. Product shown in picture is taken in defrosted state and for reference only

Cooking Instructions:
1. Microwave 750 W: Cut off a corner, heat the pizza in the bag. Frozen 2 min, thawed 1 min.

2. Oven / Oven 150 ° C: Without bag, on a plate. Frozen 20 min, thawed 8-10 min. All times are approximate times, as the capacity of the ovens can vary.


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