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Black & White 380g


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TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE A Black & White is almost as simple as it sounds. The dish consists of two different kinds of meat and two different sauces. A piece of beef and a piece of pork and then a musty red wine sauce and a creamy bearnaise sauce. Served with potato croquettes with a slightly crispy surface and good green beans.

Potato croquettes 35%: Potato, rapeseed oil, salt, grape sugar, spices, potato starch, stabilizer (E464). Red wine cloud 14%: Water, red wine 1.5%, onion, carrots, cornstarch, tomato puree, soy sauce (water, SOYBEANS, WHEAT, salt), rapeseed oil, beef broth, caramelized sugar, salt, sugar, vegetable concentrate (tomato, carrot, onion) , white pepper, bay leaf. Bearnaise sauce 13%: SKIMMED MILK, BUTTER 2.3%, rapeseed oil, Yolk 1%, cornstarch, lemon juice, salt, parsley, thickener (fruit kernel flour, guar kernel flour), dragon, white pepper, turmeric. Pepper steak 10.5%: Beef, pork, potatoes, EGGS, onions, MILK POWDER, potato starch, EGG WHITE, potato fiber, salt, spices (including onion powder, libticka), mustard powder, beef broth, sugar, rapeseed. Beef steak 10.5%: Beef, potatoes, onions, potato starch, MILK POWDER, EGGS, salt, white and black pepper, rapeseed oil. Green beans 9%, broccoli 8%. The dish includes 21% ground beef and pepper, corresponding to 14% beef and pork. One serving gives you 65 grams of vegetables.

175ºC Pull off the plastic film. Place the frozen dish on a grill in the middle of the oven. Heat for 30-35 minutes. Keep in mind that the effect between different ovens varies and thus the cooking time.
Micro oven. 750W. For best results, pull the entire plastic wrap, so you get brittle French fries. Heat the frozen dish 7-8 minutes. Let stand for a minute before serving


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