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Dafgårds Cod fillet MSC Single Serve Rice 380g

MSC-certified cod fillet with rice single served meal


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Cod fillet with white wine sauce, rice and spinach served with mini carrots.

Rice, COD (Gadus morhua) (18%), carrot, MILK, CREAM, water, spinach, onion, mussel stock (water, mussel, white wine, sherry, salt, pepper extract, onion, fennel, garlic, dill, parsley, thyme , salt), white wine, rapeseed oil, modified WHEAT STARCH, salt, caviar (cod from Gadus morhua), sugar, salt, rapeseed oil, tomato puree, potato fiber, spices, onions), BUTTER, mushroom concentrate, white wine vinegar, spices (among others . CELLERY), lemon juice, sugar.
175ºC Pull off the plastic film. Place the frozen dish on a grill in the middle of the oven. Heat for 30-35 minutes. Keep in mind that the effect between different ovens varies and thus the cooking time.
Micro oven. 750W. For best results, pull the entire plastic wrap, so you get brittle French fries. Heat the frozen dish 7-8 minutes. Let stand for a minute before serving

This is frozen food. Product shown in picture is taken in defrosted state and for reference only


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