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Dazzley Cinnamon Buns (12-pack) 420g

Milk and egg free, cinnamon rolls that suitable for vegans.



WHEAT FLOUR, water, liquid margarine (rapeseed oil, water, emulsifier (E 471), salt, acidity regulator (E 330)), syrup, icing sugar, pearl sugar, scalded WHEAT, rapeseed oil, modified potato starch, 1% cinnamon, yeast, salt , cardamom seeds, WHEAT GLUTEN, cardamom extract, flour treatment agent (amylase). Origin of wheat flour: Sweden Origin of cinnamon: Indonesia

Per 100 grams
energy about 1457 kilojoules
energy approx. 348 kilocalories
fat about 10 grams
of which saturated fat approx. 1.3 grams
carbohydrate approx. 57 grams
of which sugars about 20 grams
fiber about 2.1 grams
protein about 5.7 grams
sodium about 128 mg



Deep-frozen product, stored in a freezer at -18 °C or lower. Should not be refrozen after thawing. Store opened packaging in a freezer at -18 °C or lower.

1. In the oven: Heat the oven to 150 °C and heat the frozen buns for about 5-7 min. The cooking time may vary slightly depending on the oven.

2. In the microwave: Set the power to defrost mode (350W). Defrost one bun for about 30 seconds, or four buns for about 1 minute. At room temperature: About 1 hour.


Nutritional information and table of contents may differ slightly on the website. Always refer to the packaging for correct information.


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