Fazer Puikula Oat Bread 6 Pcs 365g


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Whole-ground oat flour and flakes (30%), wheat flour, water, wheat gluten, rapeseed oil, whole-grain rye flour, dried sourdough (oat), yeast, iodinated salt, wheat fiber, emulsifier (E481), preservative (E282). 50% of the bread’s cereals are whole grain oats.

Nutritional value  per 100g / 100ml
Energy1171 kJ / 279 kcal
fat5,9 g
of which saturated0,9 g
Carbohydrates41 g
of which sugars2,1 g
Dietary fiber6,1 g
Protein11 g
Salt1,1 g

Nutritional properties

High fiber
With no added sugar
Lactose free


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