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iGO BeautyShot

Amplify your beauty from the inside with a daily boost of Collagen and Vitamins scientifically proven to improve the health of your skin. iGO Beautyshots are easily absorbed by the body, giving you exactly what you need to look and feel your best, every day. Drink one shot in the morning and one in the evening for a total daily dose of 2500 mg of Collagen.


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iGO BeautyShots are supercharged with 2500 mg of marine collagen daily which is scientifically proven to improve skin health. Our collagen shot consists of the highest quality marine collagen that is gluten free and GMO free, delivered in a water based shot instead of pills or powder for maximum bioavailability for your body.

Collagen is the second most abundant substance in our bodies after water. Over time, our bodies start producing less collagen on its own. This decline in collagen production can contribute to many of the symptoms we associate with aging, such as fine lines, dry skin & thinning hair.

Fortunately, there is science that shows that supplementing with collagen can help. External collagen regimens can only go so far, ingesting collagen increases your body’s ability to use the collagen internally.

Considerations: The product is not suitable for children, patients allergic to medicines, patients of chronic illness or those in continuous use of Chinese or Western medicine. Pregnant women or women in menstrual period please consult with physician before using. Please stop using the product if unusual health conditions occur after use. Please consult a registered doctor for use if necessary. The product is not intended for the cure of diseases and the effects, progress and reactions may vary by users depending on individual body condition and absorptive capacity. Please store the product in a dry and cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Not suitable for individuals allergic to seafood because collagen content of the product is derived from fish.


2-pack, Box – 1 week – 14 shots, 2 boxes – 2 weeks – 28 shots, 4 boxes – 1 month – 56 shots


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