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Lingonberry Shot Drink 65ml

-Of 100% Swedish lingonberries

-Filled with vitamins and antioxidants

-Natural lingonberry flavor

-Easy to take with you

-Pasteurized and contains preservatives to extend shelf life



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RÅ Lingonberries are made from cold-pressed Swedish lingonberries, without added sugar or sweetener. Lingonberry contains a lot of nutrients, and drinking lingonberry juice is without a doubt a good habit. It’s a perfect shot for you who care about what you eat and drink.

One shot contains 65 ml of lingonberry drink to be drunk as it is or diluted 4-5 times with a meal drink.

Pasteurized before filling. In our shots, we also add preservatives, both of which occur naturally in lingonberries, to further increase durability. RÅ Lingon in a bottle and bag-in-box , on the other hand, is completely without preservatives or other additives, and consists only of 100% lingonberries.


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