Morakniv® Paring Knife Classic 1891

The smart design and short blade make this an exceptional knife for peeling fruit and vegetables, slicing, trimming, and chopping. The handle is slightly larger than similar knives, giving it a steadier and safer grip. In this way, you have full control when taking on potatoes, apples, and onions.


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About Paring knife ClassicThe peeling knife with its 8 cm long blade is a real all-rounder: for fruit, vegetables, root vegetables, and other such tasks that require precision. Additionally, the blade is made of Swedish stainless steel of the highest quality, hardened in Mora according to our secret company recipe. This hand-made knife with its real wooden handle and beautiful details, such as the Dala coat of arms on the metal ring, enhances your kitchen experience even further.Blade thickness: 2 mmBlade length: 85 mmTotal length: 190 mmMorakniv has been granted Royal Purveyor by His Majesty the King of Sweden. To be eligible for a royal warrant a company must supply goods or services to a member of the Royal Family. These companies may use the Greater Coat of Arms to indicate that they are holders of a royal warrant. A Morakniv is always a knife made in Sweden. A Morakniv knife is always made in Mora, and each knife that leaves our factory holds the traditions and knowledge that we’ve gained over the years. Each knife is made to the highest quality so you can rest assured that your Morakniv knife is always there for you. It also holds those cherished memories of childhood adventures, and your hopes of memories still to be made. That’s why Morakniv is always a part of you. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.A knife from Morakniv is a robust tool that is meant to last. Morakniv guarantees that our knives are free from material, construction, or workmanship defects for the life of the product, and will last under normal use by following the care instructions. If the knife is defective due to materials, construction or workmanship, we will repair it at no cost or replace it with a new knife of the same or an equivalent model.* Morakniv is proud and well known for our high quality. Our customers shall feel confident in buying a Morakniv and that it will last for a long time under tough conditions.*Read more about the terms of the warranty on


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