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Beetroot Shot Drink 65ml

-Contains 90% concentrated beetroot juice

-Filled with nitrates

-Perfect as a shot, easy to take with you

-Pasteurized and contains preservatives to extend shelf life



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RÅ Beetroot concentrate is specially developed for athletes who in a quick and easy way want to get a large amount of beetroot without having to drink so much. RÅ Beetroot concentrate consists of concentrated juice of 90% beets and 10% juice of Swedish lingonberries.

Beetroot has aroused great interest in recent years due to the high content of nitrates. Lingonberries are also getting more and more attention among athletes because they contain the substance resveratrol.

Pasteurized to provide a safe and durable product. In our shots, preservatives are added to increase durability. RÅ Beetroot concentrate in a bottle and bag-in-box , on the other hand, is completely without preservatives or other additives.

Lots of beetroot in a small bottle, easy to take with you!


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