Taco Sauce Mild 230 g

Our classic mild and smooth tacos sauce blends in nicely with the other ingredients in your tacos. Great for minced meat, but just as good for vegetarian tacos. Taco Sauce is a must for tacos and other dishes in Mexican cuisine. No added sugar!


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Ingredients:Tomato (65%) (crushed tomatoes, tomato purée, tomato passata), water, onion, green chili, vinegar, cornstarch, salt, spices and herbs (chili pepper, garlic, cumin, coriander, cayenne pepper, oregano).Nutritional value per 100gEnergy kJ 132Energy kcal 31Fat 0.2gFat of which saturates 0gCarbohydrate 5.2gCarbohydrate of which sugars 3.8gFibre 1.6gProtein 1.4gSalt 0.73gNutritional information and ingredients may differ slightly on the website. Always refer to the packaging for correct information.

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