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Åre Water Sparkling Naturell 750ml Glass (carton of 6)


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Virginality virginality indicates how protected a water is from the external environment eg nitrates. Only testing can determine nitrate levels in water as there is no smell or taste, the lower and smaller the external influence the better water. Cooking increases the amount of nitrates. åRe water contains < 0,5 mg/l nitrates / the sum of nitrites and nitrates (no2/0,5 no3/50)a natural mineral water is characterized among other things by: natural minerals, nothing can be added or removed coming from an underground water reservoir bottled straight at the source for direct distribution to the consumer water must be approved by the nfa or similar authority in another countryåre water is moderately hard with calcium 32 mg/l, magnesium 1,2 mg/l has ph 7,9 and a tds of 110 mg/l contains naturally 84% oxygen has very low sodium content and a well-balanced mineral content


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