Findus Cardamon Buns 480g

Luxuriously large cardamom buns with a creamyLuxuriously large cardamom buns with a creamy filling with the taste of almonds. When you get a craving for something sweet and Swedish. filling with the taste of almonds.


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The cardamom buns are baked in Findus’ bakery in Loftahammar, Småland, with ingredients that meet the criteria for the From Sweden label. The cardamom buns are also baked in rapeseed oil and are completely vegan so that more people can enjoy our delicious coffee bread. Thaw the buns in a few minutes in the oven or microwave, or let them thaw in the bag on the way to the excursion destination.

WHEAT FLOUR*, sugar*, water, rapeseed oil, yeast*, apricot kernels, sugar, raw sugar, modified potato starch, ALMONDS, corn starch, cardamom, salt, WHEAT malt flour, natural flavors, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid). *Origin: Sweden.

Per 100 grams
energy about 1529 kilojoules
energy approx. 364 kilocalories
fat about 13 grams
of which saturated fat approx. 1 gram
carbohydrate approx. 54 grams
of which sugars about 19 grams
fiber about 2.4 grams
protein about 6.5 grams
salt about 0.21 grams


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