Keramisk Vas (2 Färger)

CONSILIUM“I really wanted to imitate the way wild plants grow in nature.”— Designer, Eva LevinConsilium captures this concept and brings it indoors, with a small copper storm and cork neck that helps support the plant’s stem.

Materials: porcelain, copper & corkDesign: Eva LevinScandinavia Form is a design experiencing company with an aim to push the boundaries of Scandinavian style in search of something new. A community of collaborations with artists and designers around the world. We explore “back to the origin” with Nature as the source of inspiration, creativity, structure, experiences and well-being. Nature’s Raw Form & Shape it’s biodiversity a genuine feeling of authenticity. Nature’s built-in balance and harmony guide us to be as close to true nature as possible.“Form” is the way in which an object exists or appears – and to us, it is an everchanging playground, with endless possibilities of shapes, sizes, colours and uses.


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